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Standing Out from the Rest

The Ignition Switch is that punch to the face, reality check that content creators need. Content creators must take advantage of the opportunity to develop content that is forward thinking and humanistic. Be the innovator by finding the gap in the discussion and start that conversation. By not writing what you think the consumer wants to hear, but by treating the Internet as a platform for two-way communication. As Mark Schaeffer, author of The Content Code, says, “83 percent of brand marketers view social sharing as the primary benefit of social media because 70 percent of consumers say they are more likely to make a purchase based on a friend’s social media updates.” I think this fact is important for content creators to understand because the consumer wants relatable, trustworthy content.

Now you have the content, how do you get your message heard? Content Shock. Schaeffer brings up this term and characterizes it as; “the intersection of finite content consumption and the explosion of content availability is creating a marketing industry tremor.” Is there a way to break through this sea of information? I think Schaeffer makes an important point that the ability to post organically and maintain engagement rates is not as effect as it once was. The limit that this places on small businesses that either don’t not how to effectively “boost” posts or the resources is concerning. I think that it is important for public relations practitioners working with small businesses to educate them on which posts should be strategically “boosted” to improve their social media presence.

The Initiation Switch gave great insight into the changes that content creators will be facing in the coming years. I think the most important take away is, “information density is an engine for innovation.” In order to maintain a presence it is imperative that content creators stay in tune to trends and changes within the industry.



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