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Take the Path Less Saturated

It’s a no brainer that search engine optimization is a huge plus if you can master that game of being towards the top.  But when there is so much content being created each day, how do you break through the monotony of it all?

As Marcus Sheridan tells in his story of figuring out the content saturation index, he makes it clear that finding that niche market within a saturated one will lead you to more success.  Even if his “drug of choice” social media was blogging, Schaefer confirms that this can be applied to any content marketing form.  I liked how Schaefer than goes to explain exactly how you can get to a niche market that has the opportunity to be successful for your business.

I always knew that there was much more than ‘luck’ to becoming viral.  Sometimes I feel that things I post has the potential to be viral but there is much more to it than that.  There are “saturation guidelines” that exist and are probably why most content that is great doesn’t go anywhere, and its because of the lack of knowledge of this.  A simple google search can easily let you know if you have a chance at taking that top spot or if it is still a waste to spend money.  Alas, if your search is reaching the millions page you will come into “content shock.”

57102764_thumbnail-e1446047095734.jpgAs an aspiring public relations professional, I found it easing to know that even the most difficult situations of content saturated markets there are ways to produce organic engagement between the content and your target consumer.  With the three H’s described in the chapter, I have seen these methods being practiced before and be successful.  Hygiene content stuck out the most to me and reminded a lot of how “buzz-feed” works.  Even if you don’t outright go to search for them or read their material, you find yourself watching one of their how-to cooking videos and it lures you in–before you know it you’re taking a quiz to see which pizza slice you are.  Even in the simplest of ways, narrowing down your niche market can happen, you just have to think like an entrepreneur.


About michellepaltan

Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

One comment on “Take the Path Less Saturated

  1. bnwhaley1
    February 1, 2016

    Michelle, I would often find myself wondering how certain things went “viral.” I remember when my friends would want to post a video so that it would go viral, and we wondered why it never did. I found it interesting as well that there is somewhat of an art to content going viral. I could not agree more about the buzz feed website. It is so captivating and I could spend an hour on that website taking quizzes and predicting my “future.” Looks like once you find your niche you could potentially be successful.


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