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What Goes Around Comes Around

Chapter 1, already terrifyingly correct. It’s nothing we haven’t started to catch on to already but seeing legitimate predictions like the likelihood of there being “… a 500 percent increase in the amount of information on the web between 2015 and 2020.” To a certain point content starts to lose validity… I mean a decent amount of it already has. Our generation but more so older generations still see the internet as a somewhat viable source of information but I question what younger generations will think.  They will come into this world being warned about all the junk on the internet. Even today I notice that older generations are prone to believe whatever they see.  They weren’t born into this culture of being engrossed in content but were eased into later in life. For people that fall into my parents’ generation, it wasn’t used regularly until they were well into adulthood. That’s a drastic different. They also never rarely used their phone for the same purpose as kids and young adults do today. My generation uses their phone to share drunken stories and embarrassing, completely unprofessional, content. For our parents it was strictly for staying in contact and typically for professional use and for many still is. The idea of getting a message out there and having people buy into it is extremely nerve-racking because of this.

People in this field are going to have to start to be more innovative than ever…or so we think. There are few things that have taken over like the internet has over such a short period of time. So figuring out ways to break through this “daunting wall of noise” is going to be a challenge for sure. “Nearly every person on earth is becoming his or her own personal broadcast channel.” They say that with an increase in content there is also an increase in the amount of absorption, yet there is only so much time in the day. Can it really increase that much more while still living a somewhat normal life? “By 2011 Americans were consuming more than right hours of content per day.” This was the question running through my head before the chapter even began to touch on it. Similar to the mid-sized sporting goods company and their organic reach on Facebook declining 90%, regardless of their efforts, I know first-hand for this to be common. At my internship we measure analytics and receiving 1% is now the norm. 1% has become a good day? When we spend a significant amount of time making sure the content is perfection this is pretty discouraging. That is why the idea of making content real seems like our only hope. I love the quote, “unsaturated content niche”, specifically the word unsaturated. Although research is crucial in public relations I believe the internet is so unpredictable all we can do is make it real, meaningful content.

Stephen, the small winery owner, was trusted. He branded himself by simply being himself. His intent wasn’t directly to sell his product that was just a bonus. He was able to keep the videos he produced, “interesting in their own terms”. I think because everything has been behind a screen for so long now seeing real people is new and upcoming. These younger generations who grew up behind a screen might find light in this more so than the other information flooding the internet. Just goes to show how most things just cycle back it’s just about predicting when it going to happe


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