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When do we reach the limit?

“ Change before you have to”

“There is just too much content and too precious little time for people to continue it. How does that affect your business strategy?”

After reading the first chapter of The Content Code, I asked myself if there was going to be an end to the things or effects we all use daily. As I was reading the reading, I was began to agree with the ideas and Mark Schaefer’s point of view. Now days, we are able to find everything out there and every single day we are just asking for improvement of what we already have and we keep asking for upgrades but honestly, nothing really gets better. The thing is, we crave social media and improvement because we are already dragged into that world. Everyone is now using same ideas, same platforms and even the same way of expressing.  Everything has become a pattern and there is really nothing new to learn.

If we were to really put thought in it, we could really see that in today’s society people are just surrounded by what they see, but the question is: do they even understand the real significance of what we are doing to the society and ourselves?  As mentioned in the chapter, social media such as Facebook has really only become more or a business now a days facebook, instagram and even some other applications require payments if we want certain information in our devices or web pages.

I believe we need to understand that posting online is more about interacting with people and making something to remember but because it is deserved not because we are required to pay or because you have to invest so much time and effort for it to go viral. What we really need is to learn to create new ideas that can actually be successful because of its content not because it is what society tells us to have.


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