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On your mark..get set..CREATE!


On your mark..get set.. CREATE CONTENT, people, go, go, go! This is what stuck out the most to me from Chapter 2 of The Content Code.  When the author gave his example of Robert from the car dealership and his great idea of “souper thursday” and how it was a huge success until his competitor basically one-uped him and “souper thursday” was not so “souper” after all. It just made me once again realize how not only is this era full of content pollution but you can be the creator of something online, or anywhere as a matter of fact, and as soon as other people catch on and refines it, your idea is now on the back burner. Once his competitor started making sandwiches and cookies it was all down hill for Robert. Just like when people come up with a creative idea, it might be engaging and giving out millions of impressions but as soon as someone notices and does something better, the attention, impression, engagement, all of it is going to your competitor because it is whats new.

However, it was interesting how Mark mentioned that its really all about the content and niche you choose to create or target. When he mentioned the fact that when you google “swimming pools and blog” millions of results appeared but when he searched “salt swimming pools and blog” less than 10,000 results were available. That is a huge advantage to whoever decides to create content or talk about that time of topic. In this industry, not only is it about creativity but how you use that creativity to your advantage. By doing research and finding out not what everyone is doing but what has NOT been done, that is what makes your idea brilliant. Then, once you have your great idea,
MAINTAIN it. When I say maintain, I mean continue creating different types of content for your audience, like Mark described the 3H’s which are: hygiene content which is like short form content that will easily show up in searches, hub content which what will get people into your site and keep them there with information, etc. and hero content which is the grand slam of your content, what will go viral or be noticed on a day-to-day. Basically, do not only win the race but please stay ahead while you have the chance.


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Hello! My name is Jasmine Fajardo, I am a 21 year old senior at the University of Tampa. I am finishing my bachelor's degree with a major in Advertising and Public Relations with a minor in Marketing. I want to take you on the journey with me as I culminate my last year as an undergrad and work my way towards starting either a master's and/or landing a job after graduation, the most tedious step of any recent grad.

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