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We Need To Talk About… Strategy!


Without the proper strategy many people are wasting money in the marketing industry. Mark Schaefer’s story of his friend Robert’s soup business is a perfect example of a marketing strategy dying. Many people believe sticking with the same media strategy will work out in the end, but it doesn’t. As Chapter 1 discussed, we have to change to stay relevant in this business. The free soup idea was brilliant and worked for a while until competitors caught on. Then customers stopped coming. It is hard for small businesses to compete with marketing because they are generally working with a smaller budget. Schaefer says “Attempting to be epic enough to succeed in a highly competitive environment comes at a cost.”

For a while many people believed the easiest way for a business to become more media successful was to find their niche and produce content about that. This is called content shock, or a company constantly posting similar material until the internet “discovers” them. This is helpful today due to the large number of popular search engines. However, without the Content Code it is impossible to break through the jumbling mess that is the media. The condition described in the book is called “the content saturation index” which basically describes how businesses and brands can find their niche and become known for it in the online world.

As we know, marketing is incredibly hard, especially for companies who are breaking into a new market. The way to be successful is to focus on sub-categories, explore different types of content, and focus on social transmission. However, you may do all of these things, but forget to actually start the ignition. Content doesn’t just go out into the media world and people discover it, it takes more. “People have to see it, engage with it, and share it.” This is what makes content popular and makes a business successful in the media.

The Content Code gives us the recipe for success when it comes to content. The six elements discussed will help you not only create great content, but also crack the code in being memorable online.


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