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Content ignition strategy

The author of The Content Code, Mark W. Schaefer talks about how he has worked with the most challenging and desperate marketing situations. In Chapter 2 Schaefer talks about a client who was in a very difficult situation, the brand was entering a new market with high content saturation dominated by three established competitors. Before reading on I thought to myself that there is no way this brand entering this new market will survive if there are already established competitors. The task at hand seemed almost impossible.

Schaefer came up with three tactics to create room for the company in the market. The tactics were:

  1. Focus on sub-categories
  2. Explore different types of content
  3. Focus on social transmission

I was surprised to discover that Schaefer found a wide open opportunity to dominate an under-served channel with new content specifically for the target market. Step number two was the most interesting to me. Exploring different types of content can engage an audience for the long-term. I read about the 3 H’s of content and I found it so interesting. I did not know that content was divided into these specific categories: Hygiene content, Hub content, Hero content.

Hygiene content is specific, short-form content that usually shows up in organic search results. I watch hygiene content all the time on YouTube when I look up how-to videos. Hub content is generated in order to attract and keep visitors on your site. I find hub content all the time on Facebook. I will click on an article and then stay on that web page because I found a link to another article or found something else that captured my interest. Hub content builds brand interest and can lead to brand loyalty, which I have experienced first hand. I subscribe to certain websites because I found them through that “rabbit hole” of a website. Hero content is probably my favorite content to read/watch. Hero content is dramatic and captivating and brings viewers in.

The third tactic, focus on social transmission, is extremely important. You can have the best content in the world but if you don’t make it move, its pointless. Good content needs to be seen, shared, and engaging.

Reading Chapter Two has given me some ideas that I will take to the Minaret. I am currently doing the marketing for the paper and we are trying to rebrand and relaunch the paper. What I have learned is that we could write the juiciest news story, but if it isn’t promoted and shared no one will know about it. That is the current problem with The Minaret and I plan to take these steps and implement them so that the paper can improve.



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