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One in 380,565

It doesn’t take a mathematician to know that 1 in 380,565 is not the greatest odds, especially when you are betting on the success of your future. 380,565 represents the number of undergraduate women throughout the United States that are members of the National Panhellenic Conference or in simpler terms a sorority. Throughout my adolescence I would often go on class trips or sit through school assembly’s that featured some type of public speaker and I was fixated on their presentation. Their personas and the messages they shared on a variety of different topics that they sought inspiration from was both entertaining and motivating. I knew at a very young age that I too wanted to be a motivational speaker one day.

sorority pic.jpg

As I moved through my undergraduate career in college I started to seek out various platforms that I could one day speak about to audiences across the nation. My passion for leadership development and women empowerment started when I joined my sorority in 2012, but it sure did not end there. I went on to get involved in various organizations across campus, host multiple leadership retreats, and end my time at UT having held eight leadership positions. As graduation soon approaches and I find myself looking for ways to get involved in the sorority niche for motivational speaking, I have found solace in the wise words of Mark Schaefer. In chapter two of The Content Code, Schaefer discusses one way to measure the content saturation index of your industry. The analysis allows you to search your market and make adjustments to your content topic if need be.

Having to stand out among a crowd of 380,565 collegiate women that share the same passion for Greek life as I is a challenge within itself. I thought looking further into this “index” could only help me refine my career goals and prepare me for future with a higher success rate at the start. Most motivational speakers get their audience following through blogging so I decided to take a look for myself.

Search “sorority” AND blog on google, and you’ll end up with an overly saturated pool of over 4,560,000 results of individuals trying to share their tips and techniques for every sorority girl concerning recruitment questions, social themes, and chapter breakdowns. Clarification = content shock resulting in my messages and unique perspectives never being seen.


Now, search “sorority leadership” AND blog on google, and you’ll hit search result gold with only about 9,400 related posts. Clarification = go full speed ahead since there is low content density.


I’ve always aspired to inspire, and I hope to one day fulfill those dreams as a motivational speaker. Until then I can rest assured that my “niche” in the world of blogging is one that has potential for heightened success.


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Quote source: The Content Code by Mark W. Shaefer
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