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Stop, Look, Listen.

Stop, Look, Listen. Now, that’s how you get the BADASS content that Mark Schaeffer discusses in Chapter 2: Structure, Strategy, and the Content Code. Rather than wasting money on boosted content, in order to meet deadlines and fill space, companies need to take a step back (STOP) and find the areas with a low Content Saturation Index. As Schaeffer states, “the higher the information density in a niche, the more difficult it will be to create outstanding content that will shine through on its own without investment in distribution, promotion, and advertising” (pg.34). This is important information to take into account before developing content for quantity that will be bogged down by content in that area.

Schaeffer continues to provide a useful gauge to (LOOK) and determine whether or not the area is in Content Stock. Fewer than 10,000 pages-GO! Expect a small investment between 10,000 and 100,000 pages of search results. 100,000-1 million results be ready to use the Content Code book to its fullest. More than 1 million pages means Content Stock (look for an alternate route)! Rather than blindly looking at search engines use this handy tip to narrow down your efforts.

Exploiting the sub-categories through various types of content (LISTEN). Schaeffer explains the importance of utilizing a content mix to, “build an engaged audience for the long-term” (pg.36). Reading through the content already out there can help build this area for the content creator. Schaeffer discussed three different content areas: Hygiene content, Hub content, and Hero content. Employing these areas can give you an upper hand on your competitors.

Chapter two is wrapped up by using the acronym: BADASS. BADASS stands for Brand Development, Audience, Distribution, Authority, ‘Shareability’, and Social Proof. Each of which make up the Content Code. I look forward to reading on and continuing to learn the details of how these areas can be used to improve the content I create.


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This entry was posted on February 1, 2016 by in Chapter 2.

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