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The Rabbit Hole Known as YouTube

In my many years of thriving internet use I, like so many others, have found myself on more than one occasion layers deep in a website that I merely clicked on out of curiosity. 40 minutes later and my homework sits incomplete next to me and the dryer and has given up on alerting me that it, unlike me, has actually accomplished something. But thanks to the Content Code, this mystery finally has a name to me: hub content. I decided, for the purpose of this blog post, to explore a website that I frequent, and dive into their hub content to see just how I keep wasting so much of my time.

YouTube is a glorious creation that was clearly designed to deplete any motivation I had for other tasks as soon as I click that little red icon in my favorites bar. So many times have I gone to YouTube in search of an upbeat pop song that is simply stuck in my head from a movie I watched two days ago and before I know it I’m listening to a ballad by the Carpenters. And I can attribute my music spree to that little panel on the right of the videos with the words “Up Next” in the top bar. Not only does it offer related content to what you’re already viewing, but it also provides an auto-play option, so that you can switch it on and watch continuously, without the necessity of having to click the next video. With this feature, YouTube makes it incredibly easy to get sucked into an endless stream of video content. YouTube also conveniently offers a multitude of platforms on which to share the videos with friends so that they may also join you down the YouTube rabbit hole in which you have fallen. Combine that with the advertisements that play before videos, and the ads on the page in general, by the time a person has extracted themselves from the site’s claws, they have consumed a plethora of content.

In my personal opinion, YouTube takes the cake when it comes to hub content and the ability to trap people in a seemingly never-ending stream of cat videos and make-up tutorials. Any website wishing to create a better content vortex for its users should look at YouTube as an example, and maybe even search the site for some how-to videos about content design. I am sure they won’t be disappointed.

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