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I work at an Italian restaurant that reminds me of the soup restaurant. My restaurant is always competing with their competitors (Olive Garden and Macaroni Grill) that are more known and well establish. The restaurant is always coming up with ways to find marketing strategies that will compete with their competitors.


I thought the 3 H’s was interesting.

  1. Hygiene Content: I think this one would be good for our Campaign for Squeeze. I think having more videos on their website of customers testimonies would be a great way to sell more juice cleanses.
  2. Hub Content: for this, maybe our company could do a newsletter every month through email to all of their customers and social media followers.
  3. Hero Content: We should have a healthy event where there are a lot of fitness activities going on and Squeeze is giving little samples out.


Hopefully by using the 3 H’s for our campaign we will be able to help the company’s brand and gain economic growth.


The six great content are very important in order for your business to strive, according the book these six-brand development, audience and influencers, distribution/advertising/ promotions and SEO, authority, Share ability, and social proof/ signals. This method is also known as BADASS. That is pretty cool. For now on when I am working on a project with the same development strategies, I am going to make sure if fits the BADASS description.


At the end of the chapter he makes a point on why share ability is important. I agree why do something and not want to share what you have done. Always do something that you are proud of and are okay with sharing your work. Throughout my PR education, I have learned that everything you do will be shared with somebody if not the whole public. It took me like three semesters to realize this.



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