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After being introduced to the 3H’s in content: Hygiene content,Hub content and Hero content- BINGO! I know a website who does this flawlessly: Buzzfeed.

For you, who have never stumbled upon Buzzfeed ,let me explain. Buzzfeed is a magical website that includes daily posts about news, life,entertainment,diversity,sexuality and humor. A diverse group of p rofessional journalists write for Buzzfeed,as well as your average Joe can submit their story and hope to get published( which often happens).

Buzzfeeds Hygiene content is their daily news. However, not the actual “important” news such as politics or world events,which they also report about. Rather, smaller, more personal stories. An example of this would be a headline like ” A Little Boy Fighting Cancer Proposed To His Favorite Nurse And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever”. These are news that often don’t reach the major media- but Buzzfeed will provide you with the chance to hear about it.

Their Hub content- or their evergreen content, is Humor. Humorous posts draws me back to Buzzfeed time and time again. To either distract me from a stressful day, or to procrastinate while studying. Buzzfeed has a unique set of journalists and average Joe’s who accomplish to relate to many different ethnicities,sexualities and therefore, senses of humor. They have something everyone will find funny.

Lastly, their Hero content. Buzzfeed’s hero content is how they talk about ethnicity and sexuality. In our society where people struggle with different identity issues, Buzzfeed embraces them. Blogs like “What it’s like to be a Black Woman” or video’s such as “I’m Gay But I’m Not” empower different ethnicities and sexualities, while answering some questions that others might be too uncomfortable to ask.

Buzzfeed not only does the 3H’s well, but while doing it they manage to relate to everyone, regardless of sexuality or ethnicity.


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