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Why Should I Share?

In Chapter 3 of The Content Code by Mark Schaefer he states that “research shows that people typically don’t share content they’re reading on the web, even “great” content.” Although Schaefer goes into more details and provides statistics like, “an average Twitter user retweets only one in 318 contents links they receive,” the research cannot really explain why it is that people don’t share. Is it because they don’t want to? Or because they don’t want t spam their friends? Or do they just find the content on any of their news feeds to be boring?

In reality, no research will be able to answer those questions. Most individuals have set their standards on what they do on social media and very rarely stray from what they post, like, share, or comment on. Take me, for example. I used to be an avid Facebook user, now I’m an avid Instagram user, and I’ve always disliked Twitter and its format. From sharing, liking, and commenting on everything, to just checking my Facebook once a day because I get a notification, I find that since people don’t really care for what I post or share, I’sharing-is-caring-w-heart-women-s-t-shirt_design.pngve stopped doing it. On Instagram, on the other hand, I used to post once every blue moon, and today I post almost once a week. Why? It’s not for the likes or comments, but because I like the concept of photographs and I do it as a way of building my personal profile. So those are my answers to the questions I asked before, but that doesn’t mean everyone is going to
have a my same answer or want to answer the questions themselves.

As Schaefer states, “find individuals predisposed to love and share the content you’re creating.” While I completely agree with that statement as a growing Public Relations and Advertising professional, I find myself not caring for those who spam my news feed with videos of dogs, or rants, or those who simply post 100 times a day because they have nothing better to do. All our content should have meaning, and then, maybe then, I’ll consider sharing more content than what I’m currently sharing.


One comment on “Why Should I Share?

  1. therealityofsocialmedia
    February 5, 2016

    Sharing is most definitely caring!


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