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Amazing enough to share


After reading this chapter, I am 100% convinced that I should start reading more articles in psychology if I want to succeed in this industry! It is crazy how people think of certain things and how for them to act a perceive your message, you have to cater to specific needs. The whole idea blows my mind of there being different categories that describe the types of people on the internet like; altruists, careerists, hipsters, boomerangs, connectors, selective, and that this is actually completely accurate. I myself consider myself a “selective” since I really do not tend to share anything on social media unless but when I do it is usually to a specific person because it reminded me of them or something.

Which comes to my next point. I don’t know about others since this wasn’t spoken about in this chapter, but I have heard this in previous classes. There are people, like myself, that feel like their social media outlet is to be personalized to my needs. When I say this I mean that for me to “share” something, this has to be out of this world because I just don’t like putting articles or other people’s things on my page. My Twitter feed has no retweets at all unless it is something my friend wrote to me. Facebook is the same, I never really share anything on my wall unless it is family related because I just don’t want the clutter on my wall. If I want to share something, I usually just tag or share the item on my friend/family’s wall for them to see it.

However, it is true that for something to be “shareable” a lot of the times it has to “define ourselves to others”, like Mark says. The last video I shared was the Extra Gum commercial that went viral. This video made me cry and as soon as my eyes got watery, I immediately shared it for everyone to see. I even posted it onto my LinkedIn account as one of the best videos I had seen in a long time. That video, and a Chevy commercial of a puppy (which also made me cry) were both shared. I’m guessing my trend is, if your ad can reach so deep into my emotions to make me cry then you did a pretty BADASS video.

It just goes to show that creating content is easy, but you have so much pressure in always maintaining your stance and being ahead of your competitors. Not only that, but even before you can even worry about your competitors you have to worry about getting your content out there. If no one sees your content, it really doesn’t mean much, does it?

Here are the two videos you MUST see if you already haven’t. You will agree with me, these are badass ads:


The Story of Sarah & Juan:



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This entry was posted on February 6, 2016 by in Chapter 3.

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