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Sharing is Caring!

Why do we share content? This chapter looks at why people share content and how businesses can use that knowledge to create their own content. The chapter also looks at the difference between getting a “Like” and getting your content shared. As content creators, we need to know that they are different and we must know that “content transmission is what you’re after. Spreading the word. Building the buzz.” Schaefer says when you are getting a Like on your post you are having people agree with what you posted, but when you get your content shared people are showing off your post. Schaefer puts it beautifully, “Liking lightly bonds us with other likers of that thing. But when we share, we’re virtually shouting, ‘I’m in this club and I want to show the world!’” There is a decision process that goes through the audience’s head when choosing whether or not to Like or share a post. The person who sees your post is thinking what their audience wants to see. They are worried about how their peers would perceive them and they don’t want people to feel uncomfortable. This goes along with the psychology of sharing. The New York Times sponsored research saw that there are five powerful reasons people overcome apathy and share content. They are: To be useful, to define ourselves to others, to grow and nourish relationships, self-fulfillment, to get the word out about causes and brands.

I really like the idea of thinking about your content as if it was your favorite pair of jeans. On the surface all jeans are the same, but underneath they are very different. When you are buying a pair of jeans you are saying something about yourself and what you stand for. You may be buying into a brand and what they stand for. However, most people don’t think that way and instead, just buy whatever.

As a content creator, you must also target your message to your audience. Schaefer says there are six categories of people who band together online. Altruists, careerists, hipsters, boomerangs, connectors, and selectives. As a business you need to know these groups of people and market to them, that is when people will share your content.


One comment on “Sharing is Caring!

  1. hcimon
    February 9, 2016

    I also really enjoyed the comparison to content and jeans. It made it easier to understand because it really is so true. I was looking back at everything I had shared and it was for all of those exact reasons. A lot of the time it is subconscious so this chapter really helped make it real. That realness is what were striving for with our lives and our content!


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