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How Do You Share?


The question always remains the same. What makes people share content? Is it the adorable puppy riding a scooter or the police officer helping a homeless man? Or a well written blog about politics? Every person has different reasons for why they share content but The New York Times shared five reasons why people share content (48):

  1. To be useful — bring valuable and entertaining content to others.
  2. To define ourselves to others — show people who we are or what we care about.
  3. To grow and nourish relationships — stay connected to others.
  4. Self-fulfillment — feel more involved by sharing.
  5. To get the word out about causes and brands — to rally around cause, company or brand.

As I read through this chapter, I reflected on what makes me share content I see. When I check social media, especially Facebook, it’s endless videos and links to feel-good stories, politics, recipes, etc. I’ve never been a bigger sharer on Facebook because I like the “Save” option Facebook has. Instead of sharing content, I usually save it privately for a later date. Is the reason why I privately save the content instead of publicly sharing because I’m too embarrassed to share? Or because I don’t think the content is shareable to my friends and family?

I reviewed over my timeline to see what category of The New York Times top five list I would fit in. I’ve found that I fall under number 1 — to be useful. Everything I share has a reason such as a video to make my mom laugh, an article that my dad may enjoy, etc. But I also think I click “save” instead of “share” more often than not because I don’t want to A. Be the person that over-shares and B. I care about how I define myself to others.

This chapter really helped me reflect on how I share content to better understand how others share content. There’s more there than just clicking “like” or “save” or “share” and it’s important to understand why. So I ask you, how do you share?





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