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Building the Buzz

Jaclyn Ott

February 9, 2016

Com 584


Chapter 3— The Content Code


The tittle of chapter 3 intimidated me, “Building Shareability Into Your Content,” because although my major and future career deals with sharing, I have a hard time with it. I get nervous and feel as though my content is not going to be good enough. As a senior getting ready to graduate, I have gotten better about sharing but the initial thought still makes me nervous.


Spreading the word and building the buzz are two important concepts that I have realized through my internship at the hospital is very important and hard to do. We have to come up with things that are cutting edge in the medical world for people to share, like or comment on what we have to say on our Facebook, Twitter, and webpage.

I went onto my Facebook to see the last time I shared content, and it was back in December and it was an article from Elite Daily. I normally read there stuff because it is an easy read. The article I shareda was Why The Nicest People Have Suffered The Most Damage In Life, just by the tittle I automatically felt connected. While reading the article it struck me emotionally, because I have suffered. I shared it so my followers who have also suffered could read this and maybe relate. I did get a lot of likes and comments, which I was shocked about.

Until this chapter I had no idea what gShift was, so I look it up on Google. I think it is cool that there are companies and software out there to make your content more noticeable. I liked Krista LaRiviere three steps to help make a smart micro-segmented content:

  1. Deconstruct the segment conversations
  2. Examine and understand the segments conversational language
  3. Craft your focused micro segment content.

I think these three steps will be very beneficial when my group and I are trying to come up with content for our campaign.


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