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I want to talk about me!

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By: Samantha Kautz

We all like to talk about ourselves. Not in a narcissistic or self-centered way, but in a self-fulfilling way. It is good for people to talk about themselves and promote themselves in a healthy way. A study from a couple of Harvard professors showed that talking about ourselves sets of the same brain circuits that respond to rewards like food and money.The idea of “what’s in it for me” is what Mark Schaefer says is one of the main reasons why people go beyond just liking content and share it with their own audience.

Consumers are apathetic and passive toward a lot of the content that they see on social media. They may just look at it and move on, but rarely will they engage with it and act on it. People begin to share when they become emotionally engaged or can relate to the content. If the content helps us define ourselves to others and show what we care about, then we are more likely to share it. We also share for basic self-fulfillment, if the content will allow us to be involved in something and receive positive feedback from others, then we are certainly more likely to share it, about 80% of the time according to Schaefer (48).

Schaefer goes further to explain that there are three ways that content can be shaped in order to make it “me-oriented” and allow people to obtain the self-fulfillment that they want.

  1. “Identify your inner remarkability” (55). If we share interesting and remarkable content, that makes us seem interesting and remarkable.
  2. “Helps people achieve something” (59). If we are able to obtain some sort of reward, status, or title from sharing the content, then we will do so.
  3. “Make it exclusive” (61). Making something scarce and harder to access, makes those who have access to the content feel like rockstars and insiders.

One comment on “I want to talk about me!

  1. michellepaltan
    February 11, 2016

    When we are sharing content, we also get a sense of fulfillment in the aspect that we are helping other people than ourselves or bringing joy to others even if we aren’t exactly in a joyful mood. That’s why (and Schaefer talks about this in Chapter 4) people share pictures of puppies all day long. Positive and useful content goes a long way, so if you can help people achieve that along with some type of status the content will ignite.


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