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As I scroll through my Facebook page, I understand what Schaefer is saying when he discusses “shareability”. Sometimes people just get lucky and their video or article goes viral. Other times it is because the content is genuinely interesting or important for people to read. I am currently staring at an article someone shared on Facebook titled, “Man Accused of Throwing Gator Through Drive-Thru Window.” This obviously happened in Florida, because where else would something so crazy happen? Based on the five powerful reasons people share by the New York Times, I would say this article was shared because of self-fulfillment. This article was mainly posted to spread awareness but also because it is hard to believe it is actually true. The New York Times says that in regards to self-fulfillment, 70 percent of participants share content because it allows them to feel more involshare-imageved in the world.

I am someone who does not typically share content. I have shared maybe one or two articles on Facebook since getting a Facebook in 2009. I rarely find anything that is share-worthy. I will, however, share a lot of content and different companies products on Pinterest. I find Pinterest to be incredibly helpful for inspiration for just about anything. Whether it is an article on how to re-decorate your apartment on a budget, new hair products or a discount clothing website, I will most likely post it. Pinterest is a social media site that is closely related to sharing content. There are a great deal of bloggers who have gone viral due to Pinterest.

I have nothing against sharing content on Facebook or Twitter, I simply am the type of person that does not find sharing necessary or beneficial for myself. I will almost always read the popular articles and stories that pop up on my social media home pages though. Making “shareable” content is clearly a very hard task to master and takes a lot of strategic planning. It is hard to find the right people who will share your content.


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