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Social Suicide

Is this “share” worthy? The mentality of thinking before you share is engrained in a social media user. I think most social media users can agree their account only captures the best pictures, moments, and statuses of their life. Especially as Millennials, we rarely post content that is controversial or that ignites discussion. Everything posted is there to maintain face value–that’s where the anxiety comes from.

In Chapter 3 of Content Code, Mark Schaeffer stated, “a large study of social transmission across millions of Twitter accounts revealed that the majority of users are passive information consumers and rarely forward content to their network” (pg. 47) Social media users struggle to attach content to their name by sharing it on their personal page. This is why Liking a post is the safe way out!

This trend of passively sharing content is something I can relate to. There is rarely enriched content on my social media. It is constantly bogged down with useless content like a picture of a dog or a how to video. So how do you create the content that is so meaningful that it connects with someone that they in turn want to connect that idea to their name through a share? This is where Schaeffer provides the Holy Grail for why people share your content:

  1. To be useful
  2. To define ourselves to others
  3. To grow and nourish relationships
  4. Self-fulfillment
  5. To get the word out about a cause or brand

It’s important when creating content to look at these and use them as a guideline for your post. I think it is also important to pay attention to how and what people in your network do to share content. If you wouldn’t share the content your creating than your audience won’t either. So, create well thought-out content that avoids social suicide.


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