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Why Do We Share?

After reading chapter 3, “Building Share Ability into Your Content” I was able to learn five main reasons why people show their information: First, to be useful which will bring valuable and entertaining content to others. Second, to define ourselves to others, which show people who we are or what we care about. Third, to grow and nourish relationships that will make you stay connected to others. Next, to self-fulfillment which makes you feel more involved in what is going on in the world. Last, but not least, to spread the word about different causes and brands, to rally around cause, company or brand.

The chapter can help me understand and analyze myself when I am posting something. Also, helps me understand others point of view and how they expose content to the public. In this case I can talk of the use of social media, and how every profile is different based on what we post to our friends. When people post information, clicks on like or shares something, they are expressing their self in their own way telling other their belief and ideas based on the public information.

When I think about the business world, I realize how important it is for anyone involved with exposing the information to the public to understand what will motivate someone to share your content and when they are most inclined to do so you can develop the next step in your strategy. I do believe that when you are exposing the content it most be emotive, funny, timely and highly visual for it can become successful. This quote captures my attention while reading:

“If a infographic is published and no one share it, did it even exist?”- Brian Solis

By understanding why people share, you can also better assess your own content, and its ability to result in sustainable growth and traffic to your blog making you content exist.


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