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We Are Judging the Book By the Cover

My title is pretty self-explanatory here, and gives you insight into what I’m about to write but also a little bit of FOMO.  These are just some of the 22 tips the Mark Schaefer speaks of in chapter 4.  Please excuse my excitement that the author actually used ‘FOMO’ in this chapter (us millennials are finally rubbing off on everyone.)

The main message here that I received from these tips is that at the end of the day people are going to judge what they will share befo30d65f5.jpgre they event get to digest your content.  It is of no surprise that pictures now are a necessity to content because people can easily digest photos and it links to how our brain functions.  That might be why I am a huge fan of Instagram and what it has done to the social media world.  Posting a photo with the link embed in your bio is just one of the ways for people to go to your content, I used this technique when I wrote for College Fashionista.  Many people engaged with the photo I would post and therefore go to my link.

Just as I said previously, its the exterior that what matters.  If they like what they see on the outside, people will be more than happy to accept the inside.  Meaning?  Reviews.  Reviews are the go-to today before people will visit your content or site.  There are even people who do this for recreation–they will review everything they do in their daily life! Keeping up with reviews, especially the bad ones are they key to making your exterior look good.  So once people accept what you have portrayed to them, people will share and read what you have created–even if its super long.  If its useful information and ranks good on the EMV scale, your content has share potential.


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Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

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