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Ignite your content!

Who do we trust? According to a study done by eConsultancy, social recommendations from friends and family are the most trusted source of information for consumers. This means in order to get your content out there online and shared you have to post things that people will want to share with their social circle.

Schaefer shares with us the 22 most practical ways to get your content shared. The first is the most obvious, add share buttons to your content! If you want your content to be shared you have to make that possible for your audience. Your posts also need to be entertaining, funny, and inspiring. Research conducted on this topic says the most-shared articles online use awe, laughter, and amusement. This is very true with commercials and other types of advertisements. For example, the Super Bowl ads use celebrities, animals, and humor to attract people. That is because these things draw us in and are things we are comfortable with sharing.

One of the other types is to go long, meaning make content that is longer in length. There is actually an opportunity here with longer articles because most people are staying short so you can fill that gap! When it comes to content, aim for conversation, not controversy. This goes back to chapter three about making your audience feel more comfortable because people won’t share your content if it will upset their own audience.

If you are trying to get your content to be shared you need to be visual! Apparently, if you write content and add a picture to it you’ll remember 65% three days later. As well, don’t be afraid to load up on short infographics. Another tip is to revive your content. After four days content is considered “old” so if you want it to stay around for a while you have to revive it.

Be practical! If you want to have your content shared you need to tailor it to your audience, and everyone love stuff that is helpful to them. For example, anything that helps people make and save money is important. Another important tip is to learn to use hashtags effectively. And last but not least, add your personality to your content. This is the most important thing because there can be hundreds of articles and tweets, but only one will sound yours!


One comment on “Ignite your content!

  1. moorelsarah
    February 15, 2016

    I thought it was interesting when the text talked about longer content. I personally rarely read longer articles but it is good to keep in mind!


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