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Get Out There and Share!


The 22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition is probably one of the most informative chapters I’ve read about content and sharing. One of my favorite points Schaefer made was tip number 6, “Remember that the most important content in not your content.” I have found this to be quite true while working for The Minaret. Stop writing sucky headlines is a bold but true piece of advice. In earlier issues of The Minaret, bland headlines would appear on the front cover of almost every issue. And readership was at an all-time low. Now that they have adopted some rebranding strategies (both online and in print papers) and started generating better headlines that grab readers attention, the paper has increased its readership and generated more interest.

I also enjoyed reading about the ignition with lists and infographics. It was interesting to find out that a list article with the number 10 in the headline is the best number for social transmission. I ALWAYS read the articles that pop up on my Facebook or BuzzFeed like “10 things that tell you he’s the one” or “10 things you need to know in your 20s” and most of the time it’s content I have read a million times but the list is so enticing to me that I always go back to them.

Another tip that will be helpful for me while I’m working for The Minaret is the “Determine the best posting time” tip. While doing research for the paper I actually looked up a few blogs that talked about “the best times to post” (funny when Schaefer says thats the opposite of what you should do) and thought that was a good way to figure out when I should post content on the social media pages. After reading this tip we are actually in the process of doing some field research about what the right day and specific time of day to post on social media is for UT students and what times are most effective to ignite our content.


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