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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

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Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. No, I don’t mean this in regards to the environment! I mean this in regards to maximizing content’s potential and shareability. In chapter 4 of the Content Code, Schaefer discussed 22 ways to ignite content and get people to share it. I believe that most of his tips and tricks fit nicely into these three categories.

1. Reduce

In order to make consumers interact with our content, we must remember to make it convenient for them to share our posts. In other words, we must reduce the amount of effort that consumers have to put in to share our content.

Schaefer suggests several things to make sharing more convenient for readers. He tells us to make sure there are sharing buttons on our websites that will allow people to retweet or post our content with one simple step- the click of a button. One study says that sharing buttons make a post 700 percent more likely to be shared (Schaefer 70). Wow! Seems like a simple and obvious tip.

He also suggests making content easily accessible and free. Do not make consumers forfeit personal information, like email, or register for your site in order to get to your content.

Write long posts but reduce the amount of reading necessary to understand the post. This is achievable by using a short and relevant heading, using interesting infographics or visuals, keeping long content scannable with bullet points or short paragraphs, and use numbered lists to get to the point quickly.

The key is to keep people intrigued, but also keep content easy to understand and convenient to read.

2. Reuse

Schaefer also explains that it is a good idea to reuse old posts. He refers to these posts as “evergreen content” (81). This is information that is timeless and always relevant. It is information or posts that can be shared a year later but still be relevant to consumers.

Schaefer also suggests that we pull in readers by reusing keywords and strategies that readers are used to and have responded well to. Words like give, advice, inspire, unite, and warning are all attractive words to readers that consistently produce shares and positive responses. Strategies like posting at the same time and the most advantageous times is a sure way to increase a post’s reach and shareability.

3. Recycle

Schaefer suggests that people use old content in new ways by re-purposing it into a new form. He explains that people can take a post and make it into a new medium such as a speech, webinar, video, email, etc.

He also says it is a good idea to have other people recycle your content. For example, your content should initiate conversation that spreads ideas to help others.


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