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Share Does Your Publicity

As I read the chapters, Mark continues teaching me how the information we share is important. In this chapter, he discussed how an individual has the most power to influence his or her friends. If bestie Sarah tells me she loves this restaurant, I trust her to give me an honest review. That is why companies love to target the oh-so personable fashion blogger on social media. The public values them as a celebrity, yet they feel like they are just a bit more tangible than stars on the red carpet. So, in the end, the business who is able to gain positive reviews from ordinary people, the more likely the business’ brand, revenue, and popularity will increase.

I enjoyed reading the chapter even though I knew some of the tips he gave because the author made me understand why each one of those tips are important. Knowing why will help me problem solve and adjust with the ever-changing needs and desires of the public. Also, I totally agree with his opinion that funny and entrainment news can become more active on social media than any conflicting story ever has. It is so easy to share something funny and not have to worry about conflict in my newsfeed. Facebook users mindlessly share items without even considering the fact that they are spreading information to their peers.

“Average brands advertise. Great brands share.”- Ted Wright

Basically, create content that doesn’t look like an ad, so others enjoy it, share it, and the pattern continues.

Social media is a perfect platform to have an audience. In a newspaper, one turns the page when they see a cluster of ads. On a billboard, a driver turns back to the road. But people are now glued to their devices. Even if they think they are disregarding an ad, they still are more likely to see it, hence unskippable ads before my YouTube video plays.

Along with that, it is very important that all businesses incorporate social media. Besides advertising, it is an affecting way of doing additional contacting with clients. It’s fast and free!

The last and most important point is to make sure you have a good product. People will also share openly if they don’t like your service, etc. So, strive to work hard, to have employees that work hard, and to handle any “hate” with true grace.




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