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Top 5 Ways to Ignite Your Content

While Chapter 4 of The Content Code lists 22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition, I will be going over the 5 that stood out to me the most.

The first would be tip #11: Determine the best posting time.

I haven’t mastered this yet, in really any aspect of my life(like laundry, you’d think the laundry room would be empty on a Monday night at 11pm, nope, every machine is taken). I remember having this discussion with my friend when we both wanted to post a picture of us on Instagram and I said I was going to wait until the next day to post because it was too late and it wouldn’t get the same type of response. She disagreed with me and said she’s going to post now because posts on the same day as the event are better for her. Which looking back now, I can’t believe we actually talked about this but anyway, it got me thinking about how different everyone’s sites are different and there isn’t one specific time that’s right for everyone. The time that works best for me based off my followers will be different than my friend who lives 1,000 miles away with a whole different following.

Tip #6: Remember that the most important part of your content in not your content.

You have to have an intriguing title to grasp the readers attention. There is so much content out there that you’d have to stand out and the most important way to do that is through the title and graphic. Schaefer expresses that titles need to be short and tweetable. Titles have to be creative but also accurate and honest. You can never mislead the reader into reading an article that had nothing to do with the title, you’d hurt your reputation that way. Another tip for an impressive title is having the Top 5 ways…Six Extraordinary Lessons.. this was readers have an idea of how long the article is and what they will gain from it.

Tip #8: Ignite with lists and infographics.


Infographics are a fun way to get the basic information out in a fast and aesthetically pleasing way

I’ve always appreciated infographics. I think they make the article fascinating and stand out. They allow the reader to quickly obtain the information in an aesthetically pleasing way. They also double the chances of your content being shared so why wouldn’t you have lists or an infographic?

Tip #15: Learn to use hashtags effectively.

This tip seems kind of obvious in 2016 but it is still worth mentioning. Hashtags are great, I used to think they were annoying but I know realize how useful they really are. Like Schaefer says, hashtags are like an index card system for the internet. They combine all the tweets, posts and pictures using that specific hashtag and you can see what people around the world are doing/saying. While some TV hashtags are weird, they still connect all those viewers together and create discussion and buzz. Hashtags are great for advertising and campaigns that they’ll soon be everywhere. Hashtags are also like titles, they need to be creative and stand out so the collection of tweets/posts with that hashtag are all in the right context.

Tip #16: Make it look good.

This also seems obvious but I’ve seen some websites that look awful! First impressions are everything and the look of a website will right away tell me how much the company cares. When I see a poorly designed website, I usually click out of it right  away and never return. It’s 2016 and we are all now accustomed to beautiful designs and have high expectations. It makes me think the company doesn’t care about their appearances and branding. I made a website in a day that looks pretty good so I don’t think there is an excuse.


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