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What my 14-year old sister taught me about social media

As a Public Relations major, I have always felt like I’ve  had a pretty good understanding about social media and the different strategies it holds. However, this changed one Sunday afternoon when my teenage sister explained when to post selfies on Instagram.

To sum up our lengthy conversation, she explained that posting pictures to Instagram is very strategic. She would for example never post a selfie on a Monday morning, because everyone is busy. Same thing goes for Friday nights. She explained that lunch time, as well as past 8pm on weekdays is ideal for getting the most likes on Instagram. At the time I laughed and thought to myself ” what a teenager” and brushed her off. However, after reading  Chapter 4 from Mark W. Shaffers book “Content Code”, now it all makes sense.

Even though  Mark W. Shaffer doesn’t talk about selfies in his book “The Content Code”, but  explains that you have to determine the best posting time for your content. He explains that post are sensitive to different factors and therefore, you have to do your research regarding the best time to post. Apparently, my sister has done her research when it comes to her publics. Her publics are her friends that many share the same schedule as her, and therefore it must have been pretty simple for her t determine these posting times.

This got me thinking about how us 90- babies think we are the social media generation, but oh how wrong we are. My sister single handedly proved me wrong. IG Generations after us have a much broader understanding of social media, because they were born in to it. Therefore, as much as it pains me to say, I think my sister will by default always have the upper hand on social media. Not to mention she averages about 100 more likes/picture than me, but that’s a whole other blog post.



One comment on “What my 14-year old sister taught me about social media

  1. Alex Angelos
    March 22, 2016

    I think it is really interesting that we can almost relate social media to a target audience of a campaign. We need to know what the public wants to see, and come up with a timeline for when the public will see our message the most. It’s been said that Instagram posts get more likes if they use certain filters, and are posted at certain times. Your sister has a target audience for her selfies, just like agencies have a target audience for their brands. Agencies want the public to see what they are selling and they want them to like it as well, just like a selfie.


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