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Squeeze into the Market

In Chapter 6, Borrowing Trust, there was a lot of relatable information. As I read through this chapter I couldn’t stop thinking about campaign ideas for Squeeze Juice. Influence marketing is one of our main tactics by targeting families.

“Finding…trusted personalities and experts to become advocates who spread our content is real, and it’s important” (127). This is true and by targeting families we already have that trust. it’s almost like skipping a step. Our goal is to have them be advocates for the rest of their family. I know when my mom would tell my family to do something or even just gradually start implementing it into our lives I always just assumed she was right. No one ever questioned something that wasn’t blatantly wrong when it came to family. So how could you not trust a family member telling you they want you to be healthy by implementing juices into your life? Not only do you know them better than anyone but you know they aren’t trying to sell you something to make a profit…they genuinely care. If someone’s getting paid it takes a lot of validity out. “They already love you and can’t get enough of whatever you’re doing” (132). It’s a lot easier to prove you like something when you actually, I don’t know, like it…If your mom or dad is coming home every day raving about the juice you probably have a pretty good idea that they are being very sincere when it comes to actually enjoying it.

Then there is the celebrity. Squeeze has an athlete that wants to be an advocate for them because, apparently, he really does like the product. Yet he’s asking for almost $300 for every tweet. Talk about a sell-out. Unfortunately, this tactic works extremely well. Beyonce goes to Wal-Mart… the human population shows up at Wal-Mart, it’s just the way it is. Personally, I like knowing that the advocate means what they are trying to convince me of. If someone’s getting paid it takes a lot of validity out. This is where true advocates come in.

Focusing on the juicer of the family as our main influence only seems right. Will small businesses finding the funds to market well is hard. Using people that are already trusted and heavily prevalent in our target markets lives makes it completely cost effective. The goal is exposure and making impressions and gaining exposure which from personal experience moms are real good at.


2 comments on “Squeeze into the Market

  1. bnwhaley1
    February 28, 2016

    I totally agree! I often think about celebrity spokespersons and how so many people assume that because the celebrity is doing it/using it that they should too. What people don’t realize or forget is that they are getting paid tons of money just to mention it in a tweet. I prefer real testimonials from real people who aren’t getting paid, they are just truly advocating for the brand.


  2. akswezey
    February 29, 2016

    I love how you discuss real testimonials because I agree with you. I appreciate it when a company has true testimonials instead of celebrities endorsing silly products. I really don’t believe that Selena Gomez uses Pantene on her hair…maybe she does but I highly doubt it. I think if Squeeze wanted to add an influencer into their business they should look for people who would be willing to share their true ideas, progress, stories, etc. about their experiences with Squeeze and their products. Other customers or potential customers will find someone to connect with and it will drive them to Squeeze. I’m really excited to continue working on our campaign project and seeing if we can incorporate this chapter into our work!


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