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My One True Advocate

Borrowing trust. This is an important concept in the world of advertising and public relations. A borrowed audience is one that you gain access to by using trusted online personalities and experts as your brand advocates. We have such an advantage today in the way we gain media that we don’t need to know every little thing about the people that are publishing content. On the web, no one cares whether or not you went to college, the color of your skin, or how much money you make. The only that matter is that you can publish.

One way the book, The Content Code suggests in getting people to know your business is using one of the three types of influencers. The first time is the celebrity. Did you know, Kim Kardashian will promote your content for $200,000 per tweet! Amy, one of the owners of Squeeze Juice Works said they were approached by a celebrity who would gladly promote their content for money. However, this isn’t what she wants for her business. I agree, that not every company will benefit from a celebrity endorsement. Using a celebrity can also be a risk if that celebrity were to do something immoral. Cough cough…Tiger Woods… cough cough. There can also be no lasting impact when using a celebrity endorsement. In our case of Squeeze, we want to create a lasting impact and help people make healthier lifestyle choices.

Another one of the influencers I want to touch on are the true advocates. These are people who already love you and your brand. In our class campaign with Squeeze, these are “the juicers” in the family. These are people who already post pictures of the juice bottles on Facebook and Instagram and rave about the juice on Twitter. Maybe they even create Youtube videos featuring the juice bottle. For Squeeze, they need to follow the famous quote from Field of Dreams, if you build it, he will come. The best way to promote the brand is to stay authentic and the lovers of the juice will come.


3 comments on “My One True Advocate

  1. hcimon
    February 29, 2016

    I like the idea of the bottles on Youtube! There are so many ways to be innovative with the way they market. Authenticity really is so important and I think even more important with a Brand like Squeeze. It helps them gain the trust they need and their whole image is about being real and honest so having a true advocate is crucial.


  2. akswezey
    February 29, 2016

    My blog this week is similar to yours. I agree with you, a celebrity endorsement would not be beneficial for Squeeze. With their amount of resources and their mission, a celebrity endorsement may be out of reach (financially) and won’t connect with their customers. I like your idea about connecting with Squeeze’s true advocates. Tapping into these influencers will help Squeeze with word of mouth, social media and business. Like Schaefer said in this chapter, not every influencer will work for your business. Squeeze needs to choose the ones they think will work best and I believe it’s the true advocates.


  3. bnwhaley1
    March 1, 2016

    I really like your post. I definitely agree with and love that you said “The best way to promote the brand is to stay authentic and the lovers of the juice will come.” I am from St. Petersburg and the reason I shop at some of the places downtown and in the grand central district is because they’re, local, authentic and unique. They aren’t big national chains that are everywhere (i.e. Smoothie King), they are places that are special and specific to an area. I think that will be important for Squeeze. Remaining special and unique.


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