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How Can I Influence?


Chapter 6 was very interesting and eye opening. You can be very successful if you have a good group of influencers helping your brand. I like to relate these chapters in the Content Code to the work I do for the Minaret. So, in this chapter it had me thinking about the different ways that influencers can promote the Minaret newspaper. I think good tactics to take away from chapter 6 are the ways that Groove increased their number of subscribers. The list consisted of 5 steps. They were:

  1. Build the influencer list.
  2. Forge relationships.
  3. The Ask (part 1)
  4. The Ask (part 2)
  5. Results

Some of these steps could really benefit The Minaret. We could use some influential students to promote the Minaret on their Social media pages as well as through word-of mouth to their friends. If just a few students reach a few more, The Minaret could become more popular in a short amount of time. We could start with the current true advocates of the Minaret. Starting with them would be a good place because they don’t need convincing, they already enjoy reading the Minaret.

At the end of the chapter Schaefer said, “while reading this chapter, it may have occurred to you that it could be fun to be on the other side of the relationship and become an influencer yourself” and I thought to myself, yeah that would be really fun. And then I realized that in a way, I am already somewhat of an influencer. This semester myself and one of my classmates, are the brand ambassadors for the USA Today app. The USA Today App gives stories from USA Today as well as stories from the Minaret in one feed so you can enjoy both. We promote the app to students, bring awareness to the benefits, and host small events educating students on the app. I didn’t come to the realization until the end of the chapter that brand ambassadors could be a form of influencers. And I agree with Schaefer, it is fun to be on the other side trying to help a brand spread awareness.


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