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Be Inspired.

In Chapter 5 of the Content Code, Mark Schaeffer discusses the importance of, “converting “weak” audiences into “strong” personal relations.” I have done plenty of fundraising on social media whether it’s for my sorority or for a client. Sometimes it’s a hit and some times it’s a miss. But every time I’m taken back by who donates and how many people donate. Typically, the people that I have the “strong” personal relations with, family donate. Then there are always those that I would consider to have “weak” relationships with that make a donation. Why? These audiences are personally moved by the cause. Which is important to keep in mind as public relations professional.

Building personal relationships with your audience is key. Relationships are built with company’s audience through participating in community events. The customer’s ability to meet and interact with the company’s employees is important in deepening the relationship. According to Schaeffer, this is what increased his fundraising on social media. “Of the 92 people who donated, I had met 80 of them in real life.” Therefore developing the personal relationship with your audience is crucial. Additionally, it is important to post content that is relative to your audience. If you’re fundraising for the American Cancer Society, posting that content will most likely be relevant to the majority of your audience. On the other hand, if you’re fundraising for a local non-profit, Metropolitan Ministries, it might be beneficial to geographically post that content.

Another piece that Schaeffer touched on was using your network. Sometimes the content you create might not be relative to your friend, but they can share that information to people in their network. That is way maintaining good relations with your network is key. Using these tools outlined in Chapter 5 is important to keep in mind when developing your content.




One comment on “Be Inspired.

  1. michellepaltan
    March 1, 2016

    I like how you related it to when people make donations. The majority that do are people you have personal relationships with and it proves that with networking and creating connections wherever you go, it will pay off. This can vary depending on location as well in the ways you go about creating those relationships.


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