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How Much Does It Cost?



When creating content, it’s important to consider the types of influencers there are and how they might impact your content. Mark Schaefer described three different types of influencers in chapter six: the celebrity, the niche influencer, and true advocates.

Many companies like to work with celebrities to promote their products even though the celebrities may not have a deep connection to the product or service. For most companies, having a celebrity endorsement is nearly impossible because of one big factor. Money. Schaefer explains that Kim Kardashian  will promote content for $200,000 per tweet. What? That amount of money is unrealistic and not affordable for most companies especially for a simple 140 characters. What is a realistic price to pay for celebrities to endorse products and services?

Last week, our Public Relations Campaign class met with Amy, the owner of Squeeze, our client for the project. Amy told us a story about a professional baseball player that contacted her to promote Squeeze’s juices but at a price. For each tweet, Squeeze had to pay him around $200, if I am remembering correctly. Now yes, a lot less than $200,000 but for a small business like Squeeze, it’s out of reach.

As I’ve been thinking about this type of influencer, I don’t think a celebrity influencer would be beneficial for Squeeze and our campaign project. Schaefer explained that most celebrities aren’t connected to the products they endorse. For them, it’s probably more about the money then anything else. Amy and Kelly are so passionate about Squeeze. They want people to truly believe in their products and the lifestyle. I don’t think the owners of Squeeze would be interested in paying someone to promote their products if they didn’t believe in them because that’s not what Squeeze is about.

I think if our campaign group is going to focus on influencers, we would need to utilize the other types of influencers because celebrity endorsements don’t fit with our campaign idea or client.



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