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Celebrities Themselves are a Trend

This weeks Content Code chapters went hand-in-hand with our ‘Strategic Planning for Public Relations’ homework… What should Squeezes audience, influencer, endorsement be?

Mark Schaefer describes the three types of influencers being the celebrity, the niche influencer and the true advocate.

So what does our client, Squeeze, do? 

The option that sounds the most beneficial right away would be the celebrity influencer. But is that really what are client should do? Squeeze is trying to separate themselves from being a fad/trend, isn’t that what most celebrities are? They become popular until a new


Jessica Simpson was once really popular but now this endorsement would fail since she is no longer in the spotlight

shiny star comes on the scene, and the cycle just endlessly repeats. Every year there is one celebrity that dominates the cover of magazines until they move on. If Squeeze doesn’t want to be viewed as a trend, they shouldn’t go with a celebrity as an influencer.

ALSO, while celebrities do have a huge following and reach, the money and efforts would not pay off for Squeeze. They only have three store locations in one little part of the country… people who live in California and follow a celebrity on Twitter are not going to travel to St. Pete for a bottle of juice because of a tweet. This is overall not the best option for Squeeze.

The niche influencer could work for Squeeze, blogs and vlogs are growing and growing so I’m sure there are a few in the Tampa Bay area that could speak on behave of Squeeze and their opinions are trusted more than the Hollywood celebrities.

The best option for Squeeze would be the true advocate, the alpha audience.

They show off one of Squeezes main purposes, authenticity. Squeeze doesn’t want to be a trend and the alpha audience shows how it’s not. Squeeze is trying to change peoples lifestyles and are concerned about their clients well-being. True advocates will be able to express their love for Squeeze better than any paid off celebrity or possibly paid niche influencer. They truly care about the success of Squeeze because they personally benefit if Squeeze can remain in business. Squeeze should highlight their loyal customers and focus on their testimonies as to why they keep returning.





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