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Relationship Goal


In Chapter 5 of the Content Code, Mark Schaefer discusses the importance of building a relationship with your audience creating a strong and loyal relationship with everyone out there. Creating a relationship among your audiences can be fundamental to your success. Know a day we have the opportunity to create relationship in so many ways. We should learn which source would be the most effective according to your situation. Social media, fundraising and public events can help you interact with more people than you think helping you connect with potential consumers.

Social media can help you reach a huge amount of people that can help you build relationships with people that have different opinions and ideas. Many people will share your content, which will make it expand and reach people who you have not even thought about it.   Events can help you create relations with consumers that you met in real life, which in my personal opinion are the most important and strong relations. According to the reading of previous chapter I learn that your credibility is build based on actions and not words.

“Today artists get record deals because they have fans not the other way around”

– Taylor Swift

This quote explains why building strong relationship is important. It will make you succeed no matter how bad a product or service can be. If you have the right people beside you, you are going to exceed every product you offer. A clear an example of a good strong relation with their fans would be Kardashians sisters nobody really knows why they are famous, but everything they touch and do become successful because of the amount of follower they have. Kylie Jenner released a lipstick line and it took less than twenty minutes for they can get out of stock and many of them where being resale for more than ten times their original price. This is how we can see a product can successes based on the relationship you have built with your consumers.

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One comment on “Relationship Goal

  1. allisonmcguane
    March 15, 2016

    I agree with you that building a strong relationship with customers is extremely important for brands these days. Companies can no longer bombard audiences with advertisements, they need to communicate with the consumers as well and make them feel apart of the brand. I read an interesting article ( that brings forward 4 things a brand can do to build better relationships with customers. An example they gave was, Relationships have moved beyond product transactions to human interactions.” They listed Nike+ as an example, which is actually an online community for Nike customers to interact. Innovations like this are changing the advertising and public relations industry and making it more about interacting than ever before.


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