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Take a Lesson From a Journalist

Mark Schaefer quotes Ann Handley, the author of Everybody Writes and Content Rules, in his book the Content Code.  When she creates content for her alpha audience she keeps in mind that “no one has to read this” because of her career in print journalism. Her content is always of value for her audience and is made for their understanding.

If you think about it, the most devoted alpha audience there is are people who still read the newspaper.  With information so readily available online, it is hard to make people interested in content alone and print content even more hard to follow.  Journalists have a solid reputation based on their duty of reporting information that serves the public and what they should know.  The honesty and integrity of their work is what makes them credible and is what makes their following so strong.

In other words, people won’t turn into your alpha audience if they cannot trust your brand and/or have no foundation to rely on.  I often found myself relating much of this chapter to brands that don’t have to do much marketing online because of their established relationships within the community that they have created.  It reminds me of a local deli near my hometown that has been open for over 30 years.

Recently, I noticed that their name has been getting out to many other towns and people make trips from further towns to eat here.  People are now posting pictures of their famous heroes and even outside of the deli. They created this strong audience over time and with personal relationships made throughout the community.  Their heros are named after local towns and locals in the area.  Their latest sandwich called the “Matz” is named after a local who was drafted to play on the Mets.  This gave much attention to the deli after it being featured in local newspapers and other news channels, while their alpha audience reinforced this publicity on their Facebook’s.  brand-journalism-is-better-than-content-marketing.jpg

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Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

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