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Love thy neighbor, Promote thy content


“To be more effective at promoting your content, you first need to become more effective at promoting other people’s content.”

I love this quote by Internet strategist Carol Lynn Rivera. It is so valid and relevant to me in my social life and my academic life. When it comes to social media I frequently find myself liking, sharing, and commenting on people’s content that consistently do the same to me. I feel compelled to do so, as if I am returning some sort of social media favor. The Internet really is all about relationships and how people interact with each other.

At my internship with The Minaret I have noticed that Student Government likes, shares, and promotes our social media content on a regular basis. In return, when SG posts something we always interact with the content because we are appreciative of the fact that they did it for us. (It’s funny sometimes you feel slighted when someone doesn’t interact with your content when you have interacted with theirs). After reading this chapter this is definitely something that we should implement at The Minaret, we should branch out and promote more content from other organizations in addition to Student Government. Hopefully, the favor will be returned.

In thinking about how this could benefit Squeeze in our campaign, Squeeze could follow local businesses on different social media sites, such as Facebook and twitter, and promote their content. Whether it’s a story, advertisement, or event, Squeeze could focus on igniting their content instead of their own. Then when the businesses see that Squeeze is promoting their brand, hopefully they feel compelled to share content posted by Squeeze.

Another topic in this chapter that impacted me was the example about a company unexpectedly sharing a picture from the Manchester United game with a fan. I think this is so important. I know that in my experience when I have tweeted at a company and they responded, I felt so special. In Squeeze’s situation, they are pretty active on Facebook with their followers; however, they can always take it up a notch by singling people out so they feel special. This could really help to boost the brand name.


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