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Working Distribution


As my group dives deeper into our campaign project, our ideas our constantly flowing. We’re always coming up with new ideas, some good and some not so good. As I read through Chapter 8, I thought a lot more about distribution than I ever had before. Schaefer describes twelve new distribution ideas and I’m sharing the top three I think would be beneficial to Squeeze.

  1. Plan for multi-channel content — This idea focuses on finding out more about your readers such as what sites they view, what social channels they use, etc. Squeeze should conduct research to see where their audience finds their news and information. Once this is noted, Squeeze can target their content towards those sites/social channels. One possibility could be updating their blog and using it as a news site. When we met with Amy, she explained that Squeeze has a blog but that they do not utilize it. If Squeeze used their blog to share insights on the business, juicing industry, sharing upcoming events, etc. their audience would get to know the Squeeze brand and lifestyle while staying up to date.
  2. Explore the idea of employee networks — Schaefer stated that many employees are eager to share content from their employer. If Squeeze could have their employees sharing content on their own personal social media pages then Squeeze would be tapping into all of their employee’s followers as well. This would be SO beneficial because Squeeze is getting their name and brand out there through the people that love to work for them, in a no cost way.
  3. Don’t overlook email as a distribution channel for your content — Amy shared with the group that Squeeze does not collect emails and does not distribute weekly or monthly emails to customers. If Squeeze created an email sign up and database they could send out weekly or monthly emails to their customers. The email could contain information about upcoming events, new products, new social media contests, information about juicing, weekly insights, what has been posted on their blog, etc. By sending a weekly or monthly email out to your customers, the brand is reinforcing itself in the minds of the consumers.

Although all twelve distribution ideas were excellent, starting off small is beneficial for Squeeze.  Working through strengthening all social media outlets as well as their blog will give Squeeze a strong presence online. Eventually they can move into other distribution ideas but starting off online will be the best way to reach their audience, especially since many people find their information online.



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