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Building a Hero

Lately, I have been noticing that companies are getting more involved. Whether it is a social issue, a non-profit organization, or interacting more on social media, it is apparent that companies want to connect more with the consumers and what they value.

When Shaefer states. “With the drip, drip, drip of consistent content, you can recapture the personal connection at the heart of the heroic brand,” it reminded me of a lot of the recent Public Relations campaigns that are becoming viral.

Companies like Dove and Always are leading the trend in these feel-good campaigns that are tackling social issues. At a time when female empowerment is so important, they have excelled at getting their brand involved in this issue and consumers are starting to love their brands even more.

According to the article, 4 Ways To Build Trust and Humanize Your Brand, Dove was actually the first company to start influencing the female empowerment era of advertising and is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary of their Campaign for Real Beauty. Although I usually think the Dove campaign is usually an overused topic in my classes, this chapter seems to be the perfect opportunity to talk about their hero pic

In my opinion, Dove found their “It Factor” that the book discusses. The brand found a value that their target consumer values and the responses were viral. I would consider Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty their debut as a heroic brand.

Dove might not have the best body soaps or shampoos in the industry, but it does not matter because people support them. I can personally say that Dove is one of my favorite body washes. I rarely buy a different brand. I even buy their shampoo and conditioner occasionally and their deodorant. Why do I do this? I honestly just like their brand. I trust their products and have never had a complaint about their products so I will continue to support them.


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