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Matt Bellassai: Millenials Choice

Ever since I was a little girl, I was always confused about being a “fan”. Girls in my class were fans of bands, actors or sports figures and I always struggled with finding someone to relate to on a “fan” level. After reading Chapter 7 ” The Heroic Brand”  in Mark W. Schaeffer’s Content Code, I found myself again thinking about the same issue I had as a little girl. However, after reading more closely about having emotional connections with “your favorite bloggers,Youtubers,Pinterest pinners, and even companies because they stand for something we believe in”, I finally realized who my hero was: Matt Bellassai.

Bellassai is a former Buzzfeed phenomenon who had a Youtube show called ” Whine About It” ,where he got drunk at his desk and whined about things. In addition to whining about things, he tweets about his life at large. Matt Bellassai represents one of the people Schaeffer talks about in his chapter. Bellassai was just a regular guy, who made obnoxious jokes on twitter, who branded himself to a social media personality. Bellassai is what every millennial in college, or recently graduated is: drunk and confused. He touches on issues such as applying for jobs, relationships and becoming an adult. In addition Bellassai is openly gay, which makes him more relatable for the LGBT community.

Bellassai was succesful in being himself and creating a brand that is followed by 240 000 people on Twitter and countless more on the Buzzfeed website. Bellassai showed his true likability when he got awarded with the People’s Choice Award in 2016. That if something shows the value of remaining true to who you are when creating your brand.

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One comment on “Matt Bellassai: Millenials Choice

  1. michellepaltan
    March 22, 2016

    Between reading the Chapter and from personal experience, I found that the brands we idolize or become a “fan” of don’t stick out right away because the brands we truly identify with are personable and honest. We like them because they remind us little bit of ourselves. They become a part of our daily routine and we might forget that they are someone we are “fans” of because their a heroic brand.


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