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Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Heels

While reading Mark Schaefer’s chapter seven “The Heroic Brand” of the the Content Code,  I was constantly reminded of one of my favorite bloggers, Arielle Charnas.  I started following her on Instagram about 2 and a half years ago and I feel sometimes her honesty and personable self has made me feel as if I knew her on a transparent level.  These types of attributes is what Schaefer claims you must have in order to reach that heroic level of your brand.

Her blog name that goes by “Something Navy” was started 6 years ago for a class she was taking at FIT.  She decided to post pictures of her outfits that she wore everyday and it soon took off into a social media sensation.  I don’t believe that she got where she is today by luck, but from hard work and dedication and definitely some help from other brands that were forward thinking like herself.

Although some of the brands that she tags in her posts I can’t afford, she offers simple advice visually and literally in her captions that are easy for followers to pick up on.  When she did a campaign with TRESemmé for New York Fashion Week, I knew that she had finally hit that “break”in creating herself into a heroic brand.  Now my fashion inspiration was on television for commercials for this campaign.

Another fashion blogger that I follow, Danielle Bernstein, and goes under the name “We Wore What” created her audience by asking the help of her Facebook friends.  She messaged her friends personally asking them to share her Instagram and blog and by doing this she was able to grow a fantastic following.

This chapter truly gave me hope that if I want to create myself into a heroic brand, working hard and being yourself will get your further than trying to “sell yourself.”gUZAipBay9LDTp_y-W8Dhqrc3rYh6OotesR7TnCKF9U-1.jpg



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Michelle Paltan is a communications professional and social media specialist with experience in content development for social media platforms, graphics for page layout and vector programs, and media writing for publication.

2 comments on “Not All Heroes Wear Capes, Some Wear Heels

  1. moorelsarah
    March 22, 2016

    I think bloggers are a great example of the heroic brand. Most bloggers start out with with a small following and build their readership off of loyalty and shared interest. Its amazing to see how powerful those things can be!


  2. bnwhaley1
    March 22, 2016

    It always amazes me that bloggers can be so successful. I think it is so awesome that bloggers such as Arielle have such ignited content and such a loyal following, such as yourself. I have heard of her before and saw her on the Fashion Week commercials this year. She has such positive things said about her and her content, so much so that I I am actually going to start following her. Word of mouth sure spreads fast!


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