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Personal Branding

On page 145 when he starts talking about when some one owes you favor in real life you then feel obligated to owe the favor back is exactly how I always feel in real life and on my social media pages. When someone that I haven’t talked to in high school wishes me a happy birthday on Facebook, I always make a mental note to make sure I do the same, because I don’t want to look like the crappy person. When my roommates share fundraiser events they always ask me to re-share it for them, I do and when I need something like that done, I do expect them to share it as well.


For my personal brand identity I want to be known as loyal, and hardworking. I want my future clients to know that I am very loyal and will be there for them and I will work hard to get them what they want.


I am recently working with my general manager at the restaurant I work at to come up with a more developed marketing plan. We created a twitter and right now we are trying to come up with content that will attract people in the Tampa Bay area to come and enjoy our food. We are also trying to come up with flyers that have content that is catchy, but true to our image. After reading this chapter, my goal is to help make our restaurant a Heroic Brand.


One comment on “Personal Branding

  1. michellepaltan
    March 22, 2016

    Asking for help from trusted people such as your friends can get you a long way. For one, if you have an established relationship with them you won’t forget to return the favor as opposed to asking random people. In my post I talked about how a blogger got her following from asking everyone she was friends with on Facebook to share and follow her blog. She now has 1.4 million followers today.


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