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The Heroic Brand: Lauren Conrad

Building not just your personal brand but also your HEROIC brand was the topic of discussion in Chapter 7 of The Content Code by Mark Schaeffer. There’s a difference between brands that are just brand and brands that are heroic; it’s their ability to interact and share interests with their readers. I instantly thought of Lauren Conrad. Since her times on MTV to her popular online fashion editorial I have followed her personal brand as it grew into a heroic brand. Why? Because she dominates on social media through her connections with her readership by creating relevant content and sharing content of similar interest.

BlueAvocado, The Little Market, Essie. Just to name a few brands that I have used after seeing them on the Lauren Conrad website or her social media. By sharing the content of these brands she encouraged her readers to use and follow them. This attracted new readership by, “the obligation to return the favor;” these brands began sharing her connect too. A key aspect in why this works for the LC brand is because her readers trust the content she shares. There is a sense of brand loyalty that the readers know her and know that she remains consistent on what she stands for. It is for these reasons that the LC brand has become a heroic brand. So, how do you build your heroic brand?

The Content Code leaves us with these three tips:

  1. Establish congruity
  2. Be prepared to do the work
  3. Find your It Factor

In order to create a brand that’s successful you need to dominate in all aspects of content creation. You must develop a personal connection with your readership. This connection needs to go beyond the online connect and become personal. Your brand needs to connect its readers to content, separate from their own, that their readers can relate to. Through a built trust between content developer and content consumer this shared content will deepen the trust. And above all your brand needs to stay consistent in WHO they are! Put it all together and that creates a HEROIC brand.



One comment on “The Heroic Brand: Lauren Conrad

  1. Alex Angelos
    March 22, 2016

    Lauren Conrad is someone who i’ve also followed through the years from her time on MTV to now, and I admire her success and how she brands herself. I believe what makes her so successful is how personable she is. Women around the world see her as a genuine and real person, as well as someone to look up to.

    Her followers are loyal to the brands she advertises because her followers are loyal to her. She is a great outlet for brands to advertise with because of her successful self branding. I personally have only purchased make up products from Mark Cosmetics because she was the spokes person for them, and now I cannot live without them. Lauren Conrad knew exactly how to develop a personal connection with her readership and that is why I also agree that she is a great example of a heroic brand.


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