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If it’s “just” a game, why do we keep score?


This chapter about Social Proof is very near and dear to my heart, as an online shopper. I have never bought something online without reading at LEAST 50-60 reviews about the product. It could be the lowest purchase involvement product, but if I read bad things about it, I am more reluctant to buy it.

Another example of how this chapter was essentially describing some of my life experiences, was the description about weak social proof and walking into an empty restaurant at 7pm. I was visiting a new town and went into a restaurant at 7:30pm and it was completely empty and I actually turned around and walked out because I assumed that the food couldn’t be too good if no one was there at peak dining hours. It’s interesting to see how evident social proof is and how much we as consumers and viewers rely on it.

There were three tips that I found especially helpful from the list of ethical ways to “prime the pump” on social proof. They were number 3: Take advantage of friends and family, number 5: Highlight testimonials, and number 7: Focus on powerful customer reviews. I definitely have utilized number 3 while working with the Minaret. Every time they post a story or photo on Facebook and Twitter, I ask all of my family members and volleyball teammates to share, like, and/or comment so that the content spreads. We have become obsessed with the number of shares, likes and comments that our social media posts receive. Some don’t think it is important, however, if it wasn’t important or for stroking our egos, then there would be no like, share, and comment option. Number five and seven are tips that I think could be beneficial for Squeeze Juice Works. Squeeze cold-pressed juices have helped a lot of people locally and they have compelling stories about how their lives have changed. I think it would be interesting for Squeeze to highlight these peoples stories on Instagram and Facebook, that way customers can relate and see how Squeeze can improve peoples lives. They should focus on the powerful customer reviews they receive on and Facebook. I have read multiple positive reviews about Squeeze and they should recognize them and turn it in to a way to promote their brand.


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