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Gary Vaynerchuk is a media mogul who has a simple formula in reciprocity… “give, give, give, give , then ask” – this means doing favors in order to build social capital.

Gary’s signature move is asking people through Twitter what he can do to help them- and he has done some pretty crazy things. Sending a pie overnight. Shipping bottles of hot sauce to someone who had run out.  Delivering a person’s favorite hamburger just because she asked.

This might seem like a random way to run a media consulting business unless you understand the strong need we have to fulfill an obligation. Getting something seemingly for free has  such an impact because we’re psychologically obsessed with repaying that favor; we don’t feel that we should repay, but rather we feel compelled to repay.

This concept stood out to me because it is so true and I’ve never seen it written out like this before. We feel so compelled to repay things especially on social media.

All the time I’ll be on Instagram and I see ‘like for like’ (or throwing it back to Myspace days when it was ‘pic4pic’ ) – we only want to interact on social media when we will get the same interaction back. I don’t normally scroll through my Instagram feed liking every and all pictures, but I know the handful of people who will like every single one of my pictures so that pops up in the back of my head and I do feel obligated to like theirs even if I necessarily don’t ‘like’ it.

Another example would be wishing people a happy birthday on Facebook. I have a friend who will post on e.v.e.r.y single persons wall when it’s their birthday just because she wants posts for her birthday.

“When you get down to it, you create authority that isn’t really earned – you bargain for it”




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