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Beware: Peer Pressure!

Schaefer discusses the idea of social proof in The Content Code. As a society, we tend to follow each other and like what others like and this is no different in social media. We use this idea of social proof in our day-to-day lives all the time. Have you ever done something or bought something because a lot of people said it was good. For example, when I buy something online from Amazon I always look at the comments. Schaefer “Things seems easier to buy when other validate that it’s a smart option.” We think that because others people liked something we should too. Ever heard that expression if someone you liked jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too? The idea of following the crowd is a very powerful concept. This, of course, relates to the public relations industry because there is so much content out there that we try to look for clues to help us know who to trust and what to believe. This is why social proof is such an important factor of influence online especially because we are a very number driven society. Online we can see who has three likes and who has three hundred and we tend to trust the person with the most likes. Today we care about Twitter followers and Facebook Likes because it is public and we are basically keeping score with each other. However, everyone in the field will tell you it isn’t about how many follower or Likes you have it’s what you do with them. Even though the focus should be on how you keep whatever number of followers you have engaged, the actual number still matters. This is very relevant right now with Instagram being the next social media platform to start using a new algorithm. Instagram will now be showing you photos that it thinks you want to see. Based on how many likes and comments are on a post is what will be shown to viewers first. So now is the time to become engaging online and gain those likes!


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