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Ratio to Stay the Same

Social Proof


The test that he gave in the beginning of the chapter, I was like everyone and chose the article that has been shared over 400 times versus the one that has been shared 5 times. If is bad that we all care about how society craves that social acceptance, and that we just need something because everyone else around us has one. His example of social proof about the apple computers did not surprise me. I have been in classrooms throughout my college career and everyone in the room had an apple computer. Society and Apple made their computers socially acceptable to where everyone wants it.


The social proof online is a lot different then in real life. I know when I am posting something, I think about how it is going to be liked, who is going to like it, and is it even worth my online social peers to view it. I won’t post an Instagram picture unless I feel like I look good, or I really like the outfit and I do that because I feel like I need that social proof of acceptance. I know I am not the only person who views it that way, because I have had these conversations with my friends.


Last night at work I was serving a table of young girls all on their phones. I told them if they had Twitter they should follow the Spaghetti Warehouse, the one girl stop and said “ Sure, but you have to follow me back, because I need my high ratio to stay the same.” This is just one example about how important people take the online social world. I know that she isn’t the only person out there who does that, because I have heard of this being done before.


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