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Social Proof = The Kardashians

No ones fame has bothered me more than the Kardashian clan, I have never understood the appeal or the reasoning as to why they are the most talked about family in the world. (Kim has 43 million Twitter followers, WHY?!)


Chapter 9 in the Content Code is all about social signals and social proof, meaning we trust the person/blog/site that has the most proof of others accepting them. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are the most qualified, accurate or just the best to be giving the advice or content.

Why do we trust something because it has 452 tweets rather than 5 if everything else is the same?

Why do we trust the Kardashians, what made them qualified to take over the internet and anything else social?

“Social proof is powerful in situations where people don’t have the facts they need to make an informal decision. To help resolve uncertainty, people look for clues in their environment to help them determine their best guess “truth.” They assume the actions of others reflect the correct behaviors for them, too.”

I understand the concept and the rationale behind trusting something others are reading if you really don’t have much knowledge on the topic. I feel like I would still question the source, but that’s me.

I don’t really follow any blogs or celebrities so I couldn’t draw the connection into my life until I realized I always make Buzzfeed/Tasty recipes before any other site. Probably because Buzzfeed is well known so I see their videos 10x more than any other food blogger/site. This doesn’t make Buzzfeed a better chef, it just means they have more resources and a better platform to post on. I know there are better recipes to be found but I go with what I see on a daily basis.

But again, with the Kardashians, they now have this massive platform but aren’t doing anything good with it besides getting $200,000 per tweet. This, I don’t get. social-proof4


2 comments on “Social Proof = The Kardashians

  1. hcimon
    March 30, 2016

    I couldn’t agree more! I hate the Kardashian with a passion but they represent how social media is influenced and how we are. These trends collect massive followings and so many people get roped it, it makes it nearly impossible to escape! This is so important to know because be surrounded by it so much can easily cause us to be brainwashed.


  2. cagecoleman
    October 31, 2016

    As much as I can’t stand them, they have taken over social media as well as the television. I once dated a girl who idolized kim kardashian and is was the most annoying thing to deal with. Every tweet, insta picture, or any other post for that matter, she was immediately retweeting or reposting. Their influence extends to every country as well.


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