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The Imersion Revolution

After reading Schaefer’s ending chapter that brings together all of the pieces regarding the content code, I was intrigued by his belief that we are soon entering a new era of technology and marketing. He explains that in the future our efforts will be limitless and so the content we create will be based on experiences of fun for all. I’ve always been a true believer that our past guides our future, so I wanted to see where Schaefer came to these conclusions.

After further researching online, I came across Schaefer’s website where he went into more detail about this futuristic concept and how exactly we got to this point. He starts off with first digital revolution from 1990-2000 focused on presence. At the end of the 1990s we were simply trying to establish a website, thus make our presence known. Naturally, from there we worked into the second revolution from 2000-2010, discovery. It was here that we began to explore the possibilities of technology and thus came Google. Currently we are in the revolution outlined from 2010-2015, utility. Social media has allowed us to provide users with assistance, guidance, and overall knowledge that make a great resource.

Reflecting on our past and drawing connections between the various revolutions helps to clarify our future. As humans we are drawn to progression, growth, and improvement. So, it makes sense that over the years we have constantly pushed ourselves to adapt to the times but more importantly excel in the future. I can see first hand the fourth revolution of immersion among us. It’s the idea that we will completely surround ourselves with technology and marketing. All around us we are using technology and content to share, engage, and experience things with people around the world. Our content is becoming more personable and the ways in which we produce it are setting the standard for creative genius. I look forward to the fourth revolution and all of the fun and excitement that is sure to be produced with it.


Question is.. what revolution will come next?


Book source – The Content Code by Mark W. Schaefer

Article source –

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