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The Proof is in the Pud…Followers?

I really enjoyed reading Chapter 9: Social Signals and Social Proof. When Mark Schaefer discusses the two blogs: one with 5 tweets and one with 452 tweets, it is definitely true that you will choose the blog with 452 tweets.

Even when purchasing an item on Amazon, I always look at the reviews. If there are more reviews on one item, versus another item, I will almost always go with the one with the most reviews. For whatever reason, I trust those stranger’s reviews and I value their opinions when I make my purchases.

The same can be said about any business or website, the more popular they are online the more likely I am going to trust their business or brand.

An interesting social media account that has been gaining popularity is the Denny’s twitter account:

Denny’s does not seem like a business that would be gaining popularity online, but these days just about anyone can as long as they find the right content. Denny’s has focused on their primary audience which is young adults. Their twitter is flooded with funny tweets that everyone has loved to retweet or reply back.

They will even reply back to their 290,000 followers sometimes.

One example of their funny tweets is: “a plate of french fries is a family.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 5.23.53 PMThey even had an endorsement from DJ Khaled on his incredibly popular snapchat page, as he was eating at a Denny’s. Denny’s obviously tweeted the pictures that DJ Khaled posted endorsing them.

Some of their tweets make absolutely no sense, but their fans love them. And I am also convinced that their social media coordinator is a 16 year old boy.
Either way, their Twitter has become viral and I am sure that their sales has increased because of it. I am even starting to crave Denny’s now after reading through it… Pancakes anyone?



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